Krussbach Photography: Blog en-us (C) Krussbach Photography (Krussbach Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:18:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:18:00 GMT Krussbach Photography: Blog 120 108 Just Breathe for Elissa I met Elissa on April 19th, 2018 at the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth, Texas.  She sat in a wheel chair near a music stage and was wearing a cannula to receive oxygen to assist her with breathing.  I approached her to ask if I could photograph her.  She agreed, then asked if I would like the cannula removed.  I replied that I saw her in a wheel chair and with the cannula, and that's how I wanted to capture her. 


Please visit her site and express support.


Elissa is young.  She suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and awaits a double lung transplant. 

From her Facebook page,

"Treatments have come so far!!!

Someday CF will stand for “Cure Found”💜"


Thank you, Elissa, for availing opportunity to share.  Kevin




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** I encourage visitors to bookmark this site, to sign the registry, and to contact me about your interests.

Thank you.

Wishing you well,


Krussbach Photography


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Photocrowd night time portraits contest results 1000 entries.

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Lesson One Long-Term Dreams & Goals Summary

Its time to redesign my life (again). How? Attain seasoned mentor with curriculum. Then surrender of trust and dive in. Who? Jamie. Why? She exhibits insight, introspection, structure, and dedication.

So, here I am 24,531 days into life with an intense drive to succeed as an artist, while working at Walmart in order to provide minimal financial support to survive in an unyielding and unforgiving culture bent on multi-faceted inequality. And I'm at the low end . . . except for potential and drive.

I love, absolutely adore, photography; the capture of human emotion, spirit, expression, along with the ability to portray via a two-dimensional representation; the print.

“I'm in”.

No more apartment living, struggling to meet ends and worrying (less and less, but still) about an eventual life of destitution; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – an unwanted end.

“Sooner or Later”, became the culmination of decades of struggle, with uncertainty as a primary outcome. Do what you love and love what you do. Music, composition (music and creative writing), cooking and photography.

Don't think, just do it. Enroll, learn, complete and realize. Create a successful photography business. The hypothesis is: “Bite the bullet” – until business photography is a commitment for life; a means by which to self-actualize. Create flow via planning and executing. Increase flow methodically. Repeat as necessary. Purchase land and build the FIRST home/studio (earthblock construction). Indulge the well-founded personal care model with clientele throughout. Let it grow, nurture, breathe, let it grow.

Travel as means to continue melded photographic, music and writing opportunity, while enabling further opportunity, as-well-as business expense write-off. Work productively, play well, and rest hard.

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Website Construction and Other Anomalies Hi,

     My website is under construction = tweaking and sun-drying to avail greater nutritional benefits.  Changes will continue to reflect prospects and client interests.  Images in portfolio will be chosen to provide specific styles and products reflecting prospective client appreciation.

          Because I can ONLY accomplish this with feedback, I encourage all viewers to comment and list their photographic preferences and styles.  This would include (but not be limited to) that which you would hang on your wall, stick to the ceiling, glue to the floor, use to catch dripping oil in your garage, roof your dog house and/or populate your albums .

     Hey, if you don't critique, comment, or analyze my work, how can I give back what you want?  Is that anyway for you to run my business?   

Thank you for your considerations, comments, analyses and feedback.

Wishing you all well, weller, wellest,


Krussbach Photography


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Homeless & Tormented Homeless & Tormented


John passed me while I ate lunch (outdoors) at Cartwright's Ranch House restaurant, on the the Square in Denton Texas. He stopped for a moment, looked at me, then stared wantingly at my lunch. He looked up, met my eyes, then proceeded down the walk. Several minutes later, John returned. He stopped his approach several yards away. I heard him say, “Sir? . . . sir?”. I looked up. He continued, “Can I ask you a question?” I acknowledged. He proceeded to describe his circumstance, “I'm homeless and I'm hungry, sir”. I pulled a ten-dollar bill from my wallet and handed it to him. He told me that he wanted to go to Fort Worth, “. . . there are a lot of homeless people there”.

A restaurant hostess came out to ask him if he wanted to order. He told her that he was hungry and asked if he could have something to eat. She told him that she would get someone to help him and then went inside to summon a waitress. The waitress asked John what he wanted to order. He showed her the ten dollars. She asked if he wanted to order something that was inexpensive so that he could receive change. She suggested biscuits and gravy, and so that was ordered.

John sat across the sidewalk table from me. He described himself as being 44 years old, “young” and had been homeless since his early twenties. He wanted to go to Dallas. I asked, “What's in Dallas?” His answer reflected, vaguely, things to do. Later, he told me that he wanted to stay in Denton because he didn't get beat up here. He shared that he had a problem with alcohol, then talked about how Jesus was nailed to a cross. His tone was sorrowful. “They nailed his hands to the cross . . . they nailed his hands to the cross”. John talked about why Jesus was crucified then asked, “What's wrong with people?”. He told me that God had said, “forgive them, for they know not what they have done”. John asked if I thought that Donald Trump was helping people. We talked about the rich and powerful, lack of care and how greed affected people. We returned to speaking about Jesus and why he was crucified. John's food came. He asked the server, “Can I eat here?” Permission was given. John ate eagerly. I shared my water and napkins.

After his meal, John alluded to the devil as being present in men, and that he, too, suffered from demons. When he asked me if I believe in the devil, I told him that I don't know. Then intuitively, I asked John for permission to take his picture – feeling that there would be powerful images to follow. He said yes, then asked what I was going to do with them. I told him that I would keep them, that I was practicing photography and that I would share them with a few friends. John resumed talking about the devil. Suddenly, John's demeanor changed, radically. In what seemed to be an embodiment of evil spirit, he questioned the value of angels and God with intense angry emotion. The episode lasted a minute or so. He returned to his initial vulnerable sensitivity. A few minutes passed. The demonic verbalization and expressions returned, again, for a short time. Immediately following, John became sorrowful; tears appeared in his eyes. He asked a few passers-by if they were Christians, then looked around. There was silence. His head dropped introspectively. When John returned to engage in conversation he mentioned that he was doomed to go to hell. I countered with the importance of seeking forgiveness, and reinforced with the importance of forgiving others as well as himself.

“It's time”, I said. We both arose from the table. John picked up his bags. I wished him well and, patting him on the shoulder, we parted ways.

I reflected on why I chose to eat at Cartwright's. I found reason and reward.


kdr 2017.11.18


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