I am an Artist

     My formal education began with studies in the art of music (clarinet) in 1960 (age 10), and then classical piano, two years later.  Creative writing, piano composition, cooking and an aptitude for drama have since evolved. 

    My love for photography blossomed in 2005 during vacation in New York City during which a 27-exposure disposable camera (film) became the only affordable option.  Upon returning from that trip, I invested $186 in my first point-and-shoot digital camera.  I wore it out; 100k+ photos -- photographing everything in sight.  A few cameras and lenses, untold hours of editing, amateur awards, recognition, the prodding of those who view my work, my friends (Thank you for your support.) and many years later, I find myself continuing to realize this professional endeavor.   


The most important aspect of my work is to produce images reflecting an interface between my photography style and my client's tastes.  This interface begins with personal conversation and is nurtured by continuous correspondence and mutual agreement.  I seek good relations and outcomes via acceptable projects that are mutually beneficial.  



Freelance Photography including: Photojournalism, Events, Landscape, Nature/Wildlife, Sports/Action, Portraiture, Real Estate

Based in Lake Dallas, Texas.